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Spec2 is a framework in Pharo for describing User Interfaces.

I am building a simple application in Spec2 to run Pharo Matrix Benchmarks, as part of my GSoC 2021 project.

I will go over the steps to build the GUI in this blog.

Learning Spec2

If you are looking to learn Spec2, the Spec2 examples in Help in the Pharo image are really helpful.

I have been selected to Google Summer of Code 2021 program under the organization, Pharo Consortium.

Pharo is a simple and powerful object-oriented programming language that has been reported to have one of the highest productivity among developers.

The Pharo MOOC is a great place to get started with learning Pharo and that’s how I started with Pharo.

If you are planning to apply to GSoC next year through Pharo, go through this article by Oleksandr Zaitsev.

My project

I will be working on the “Matrix: State of the Art” project. Through this project, I will be trying to benchmark…

Pharo is a language that is better than other languages like Python in many ways.

For starters, the whole syntax of Pharo fits on a postcard. Pharo has a built-in live coding IDE that allows you to inspect and modify the code while it is running. Pharo is purely object-oriented which makes it really convenient to use.

But Pharo is a new language and doesn’t have as many libraries as languages like Python have.

Here we will see the package, Polymath that supports scientific computations in Pharo similar to the library, NumPy in Python.

We will be specifically looking into…

Download Pharo if you haven’t already. You can download Pharo from here.

Iceberg is a really easy-to-use and powerful tool to handle Version Control System in Pharo. There is no need to use a terminal at all when you are using Iceberg.

But if you are someone who is accustomed to using Terminal, it might take some time before you get a hang of how Iceberg works.
So, in this post, I go through how you can perform some basic git operations using Iceberg.

Please see this nice Iceberg tutorial on how to clone a repository, commit changes, push changes…


Computer Science enthusiast at NITK Surathkal

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